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FlightGear is an open source, cross-platform flight simulator.

I first found out about it in mid-2005, from valgrind's website. It was after doing the valgrind's online survey at the time, I browsed around the site and found FlightGear, being under their "projects using valgrind" page.

I tried it out and it had surely brought back my interest into flying and flightsim, whereby in the old days I used to play with m$ flight simulator every now and then. Since then, apart from learning about flying and planes, I've also used FG to do random fun and hopefully useful stuff, as I absolutely love learning by doing.

I hang around #flightgear on irc.flightgear.org most of the time.

Things I've done with FlightGear


FGMap is a Google Map web app I wrote that shows in real time where FlightGear pilots are flying online on the FlightGear Multiplayer Server. It also has navaids lookup functionality.


MPstat is a FlightGear statistics tool for the multiplay server. It's a PERL script which reads and parses log files from the FG MP server and generate reports in XML. Along with XSLT and a stylesheet the report can be shown in HTML format. Update has stopped since 2010.

FlightGear + Google Earth

When Google Earth first came out, it was amazing and very fun to play with. It's one of those things that you can (or at least I can) play with all day. Well, one day I've decided to hook it up with FlightGear and it turned out alright.


FGLive is a FlightGear Live CD I did, currently based on Morphix.

Screen streamer

Screen streamer is something I did to get FG to output its screen via the network, which can be used for making/capturing FG video or simply streaming it on the fly. It is a patch to FG source code.


MPcam is a FlightGear MP server live camera I setup using the screen streamer mentioned above. It allows you to watch people flying on the FlightGear multiplay server. More details on the screen streamer page.

FlightGear git repository

Like many developers, I used git for source code management / revision control. I have setup a git repo for FG to make my life easier, and at the same time I could learn more about git as well. You can browse my git repos via gitweb at http://pigeond.net/git/. I'm also running a git daemon so you can clone my repos, see the gitweb page for more details.

The source code for FGMap and MPstat are there too. My screen streamer branch is also published there.

FlightGear with Wiimote

We bought a Nintendo Wii quite a while ago. And like many other people, I had a go with using the wiimote with my computer and I'm able to use it as a wireless flight stick. For more info see here, and here's a video of the demonstration.

Hong Kong scenery

I started doing it wanting to make my birthplace better in FlightGear, and for myself to learn Blender. Unfortunately I haven't gone very far with it. Additionally I discovered the existing terrain for Hong Kong in FlightGear needs fix up as well. So far I've done this one building. Hopefully I'll get back to this project one day.

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