AverMedia Hybrid (DVB-T + Analogue) + FM Radio USB 2.0 box (A818)

Its website is here, but it's in chinese. Please let me know if there's an english page for it.

Bought it in Tainan, Taiwan for NT$2500 (USD$75 roughly). We bought this instead of a PCI DVB-T card only because my wife said "she doesn't want to open up a computer and plug a card in".

So it can do DVB-T, Analogue TV, as well as FM radio (never tried). It has one composite-in, s-video in, and audio in. It also comes with a remote control.

After pulling it apart and having a look at its board, it has a Trident TV Master TM6000 chip (sorry, in chinese again, they do have an english website but there is no info on the chip I can find). It also has an MT352 chip, and a Philips TEA5767 for the FM radio.

There is currently no driver on Linux for this device. Someone is writing a driver for the Trident TM6000 but still at very early stage of development.

AverMedia has released Linux drivers for some of their other devices before. So I have e-mailed and asked them about possible driver for this A818. As expected they have replied they have no plan for releasing a Linux driver for this at the moment. And also due to licence issues they could not provide me (us) any information about the device to allow writing a driver.

Let me know if there's any information that I have missed and is useful.

pigeon at pigeond dot net
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