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I love designing graphics and wallpapers, though I'm not those really good ones. BTW, the pigeond logo and banner are designed and created by me too.

Well, my feeling is, every hacker has to know how to use a graphics tool to create and edit good looking and handy graphics. And the only tool to use is @GIMP@! Come on, forget about Photoshop. It's not free, it's not open source. Windows users? No problem, there's GIMP for windows. Now you have no excuse! :P

I'm going to put some wallpapers or graphics that I designed or created on this page. I cannot guarantee their qualities, but if you like it, feel free to use them.

So far I've put up:

Final Fantasy VIII

I have no idea why I like FF8 quite a lot at the first place, even before I bought the game. After playing it, I did realize that I like Selphie and Quistis very much (much more than Rinoa). Of course, Squall is cool too.

Anyway, I've made a wallpaper using clips from the movie in the game. Basically two clips, plus some effects I added. I'm going to describe a bit how I actually created this wallpaper too, just in case you're interested, and also a good memo for myself... And if you are a real graphics designer, what I've done or said here could be totally ridiculous to you. In this case please tell me too. :)

These are the clips I grabbed from the actual FF8 movie file. I love that gunblade shot. The sky and the blade, a very good combination.

Next step. With a layer mask and a little bit of adjustment, a transparent version of the logo was created easily.

Combining them the logo and the background wasn't hard at all. Basically creating two layers, moving them around until I found a good position for the logo. Kewl. But this is not the end of the story.

As you can see from the closer look, the edges of the logo over the background produced a sharp and awful effect. This is not acceptable at all.

I still had the layer mask for the logo layer. Now I could do something to this mask to produce a smoother edges. I did a gaussian blur on the layer mask (not the logo image itself).

Depending on how smooth and how much the effect you want to have, I picked a 15 radius for both horizontal and vertical factor. Now the logo and the background interacted a lot better than before.

click to download the wallpaper

Well, I didn't want to spend too much time on making this wallpaper, so that's it! A simple wallpaper. Click the picture above to get it if you like it. :)

Dragon Ball

I love Dragon Ball. As you can see from the @my machines@ section, I have all my machines' names as Dragon Ball characters' names. I had a plan ages ago to have all machines using a wallpaper with the corresponding character. But obviously this plan will never fulfill :P

So far I've created two Dragon Ball wallpapers. Unforunately I've lost one of them. What's left is a screen shot of it, with the theme I created for @litestep@. Let's see if I will have the time and resource to actually re-make this wallpaper. Both wallpapers are in the same style, and both fonts sux too :)

click to download
click to see screen shot


Basically a wallpaper I created for my friend. But actually I think my friend had never used it... :P I love piano, so I made this wallpaper. But the problem was it's actually really hard to look for nice photos of pianos. As you can see from the wallpaper, those piano photos are pretty weird.

click to download
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