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In memory of Grace... this page is dedicated to you...

I love pigeons because I have had very good experience with them.

Back in the old days when I was still in HK. I was still in primary school I think. A pigeon flew to my place (apartment) one day, thru the window, and she (yes it's a she!) wasn't scared at all. She came inside. We fed her and I guess she's pretty happy. Of course, just like you feed any birds at a park these days. Then amazing thing was she actually stayed overnight that day, inside, on top of a cupboard in our dining room. Till in the morning, she left.



We thought that would be the end of the story. Surprisingly (in fact, not so surprisingly if you think about it) she flew back, well, for more food obviously. And so she came to us regularly. After a week or so maybe, she started bringing some of her friends along. If I remember correctly once there were sixteen pigeons together around our flat at a time.

Anyhow, years passed and apparently they started to get attention to our neighbours and they are probably crapping everywhere around the building. And so at some point we needed to stop feeding them. As a result they stopped coming after a while.

The first pigeon who came to us, we named her Grace. I guess she's the one I love the most. She's the only pigeon that would actually come into our flat and play around (others just stayed outside the window). Once we took her in and showered her in the toilet. I then rested her on top of my desk and my books. Those were some really really good times.

We remember before all the pigeons vanished, there were some problems with one of Grace's wings. The way she was flying was a bit weird. Looks like one of her wings or arms was hurt.

I'm still hoping in the future I can have some pigeons as my pet. Well... we'll see...
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