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I love piano.

I bought my own piano in June 2002. It's a Yamaha digial piano, CLP-990M. The reasons for buying a digital piano but not a real one were, 1) it's easier to maintain, no tuning, no special care needed, 2) it supports MIDI so I can also use it with my computers, 3) I can play with my headphone, which means I can play anytime of the day (like midnight) without bothering others.

My piano is in my room. So that, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I can do will be either doing more "stuff" at my computer, or playing the piano ;) Well, and also, this way I can connect my piano to my computer with the MIDI stuff.

You can find more photos of my piano at my piano section.

Of course, I'd wish one day I will have my own real grand piano, when I can afford it and when I have the space to put it. :)

I haven't taken any exams or grades (and not that I will qualify to any anyway). I more or less learn/practise piano on my own. I went to this Taiwanese piano teacher for a few months. Unfortunately she found a better job in Taiwan and so she went back, and so I'm now teacherless, and I'm back onto my self-learning world.

Also I've made some piano wallpapers, which can be found here.

my playing

I basically play anything I like. From classical to contemporary, from movie music to pop songs, if I like it, I'll play (and try to play) it.

If you're interested, you can download pieces I played. They are necessarily my best (or worst :P). I'll keep adding more recordings here in the future:

(Note: Some of them got "piano 1" and "piano 2". Most Yamaha digital pianos have two piano samples you can choose from)
  • Frederic Chopin - Prelude Op.28 No.4
    piano 1 piano 2 (1.6M each) (personally I think I played better in the piano 2 version)

  • Enya - Watermark
    piano 2 (1.9M)

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