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MPlayer + MatrixView

See everything from Neo's eyes...

It's probably my obsession of hacking different pieces of software and putting them together.

After bubblefishymon and MPlayer + libcaca, this time I have used the MatrixView screensaver from Really Slick Screensavers and made it into an MPlayer video output driver.

MatrixView is originally written by Alex Zolotov, and ported to GLX (rss-glx) by Tugrul Galatali.

If you like this, you might be interested in the The.Matrix-ASCII as well, which is the entire Matrix Movie rendered in ASCII art.

Note: MatrixView is now in MPlayer's source, so you probably wouldn't need this patch anymore.

How does it look?

Flaming Smith

The Matrix in the Matrix - The "Flaming Smith" - captured into an animated GIF.
Watch it as a video (3.1MB)

Spiderman 3 trailer

Spiderman 3 trailer

Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Carribean Dead Man's Chest trailer

Simpsons in the Matrix

Simpsons in the Matrix

The patch

Note: MatrixView is now in MPlayer's source, so you probably wouldn't need this patch anymore.

Gianluigi Tiesi has updated my patch to work under windows, which can be found here. Or visit his MPlayer Win32 page. Thanks mate!

You can also get a binary build of MPlayer win32 here.

My original patch: mplayer-matrixview-gl.patch.gz

The patch is tested against MPlayer latest development trunk (svn). It should also work with most MPlayer releases. Currently it's only tested under Linux.

To build it

MPlayer MatrixView is ported to use only GL functions, and does not use GLU anymore, unlike the original MatrixView.

MatrixView requires GLU mainly for gluBuild2DMipmaps(). I have hacked a version which doesn't use that function but it does not look as good. So I decided to stick with GLU for now. I'll look into properly removing this dependency later.

To build it, run MPlayer's configure with --enable-matrixview, as it's disabled by default. This driver depends on MPlayer's OpenGL video output driver.

To use it

The simple way:
$ mplayer -vo matrixview <file>

You can also specify the number of rows and columns:
$ mplayer -framedrop -vo matrixview:cols=320:rows=240 <file>

Note: -framedrop might be necessary as 320x240 matrix could be slow...

You can adjust the contrast and brightness by using -contrast and -brightness, or during playback time with the usual MPlayer controls (e.g. key 1/2 and 3/4). It is pretty useful as different videos will look better with different combinations of contrast and brightness.

The legal stuff

Someone said I should, so I include this here, directly from The.Matrix-ASCII project:

Matrix concept and Matrix characters, images and sounds COPYRIGHT © 1998-2003 Wachowski brothers, Village Roadshow Pictures, and Warner Bros. Studios. The WB logoTM is a registered trademark of Time Warner, Inc. All rights reserved. The images and sounds from the Matrix movie found on this site are used without permission from copyright holder. The Matrix soundtrack is COPYRIGHT © Maverick Records. Other copyrights may apply. No infringement of copyright is intended. The authors of this site have no affiliation with Warner Brothers, Village Roadshow Pictures, the Wachowski Brothers, any of the actors from the movie, any of the bands performing on the soundtrack, or any of the crew. [an error occurred while processing this directive]