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MPlayer + libcaca

Color AsCii Art video output for MPlayer

Back in March 2004 I discovered libcaca, and seeing there is an AAlib video output plugin for MPlayer, I decided to write one for libcaca.

I also did an MPlayer + MatrixView video output driver.


Simpsons under MPlayer libcaca

Simpsons under MPlayer libcaca

Simpsons under MPlayer libcaca

The Matrix (Matrix Revolutions trailer) under MPlayer libcaca

The Matrix under MPlayer libcaca

The Matrix under MPlayer libcaca


The libcaca video output plugin is in MPlayer main branch, all you need is to get MPlayer.

9th March 2006
Thanks to Sean D'Epagnier as he pointed out to me that there are API changes with the latest libcaca, and what's in MPlayer does not work anymore. He's also kind enough to start patching, and his works are being reviewed by the MPlayer developers.

What is MPlayer?

MPlayer is an open source cross-platform multimedia player. It supports many many different media formats and codecs, such as MPEG/VOB, AVI, MP3, Ogg/OGM/Vorbis/Theora, ASF/WMV, QT/MOV, RealMedia, Matroska, NuppelVideo, DIVX, DVD/VCD/SVCD. MPlayer also supports dozens of different video and audio outputs, so it can do video via X, XVideo, OpenGL, FrameBuffer device, AAlib, DirectFB, SDL, VESA, and many more.

What is libcaca?

libcaca, which stands for "Colour AsCii Art library", is a graphics library that outputs and renders graphics or image data in colored text instead of pixels. It's somewhat like the color version of AAlib.

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