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FGMap now does metar, and more…
2006/12/03 20:30:48
coding flightgear linux

Recently updated FGMap with various bug fixes, as well as adding a new tabbed info box for airports. That way I could easily add more different information, such as metar information. I have to admit I first got the idea of adding metar information for FGMap when I first saw it on flyagogo.net. They have excellent real world aviation charts, data and an awesome flight planning tools. I’m simply using the metar in Debian at the moment. Hopefully it will match FlightGear’s weather when using with its real weather fetch.

Also I’ve added external links in the airport info box to World Aero Data and AirNav (for U.S. airports).

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FGMap with navaids
2006/06/01 21:23:15
coding flightgear

After a couple of weeks of night coding, FGMap navaids stuff has finally reached the state where I could release it for people to test.

At the moment you can either search for a navaid (airport, VOR, NDB, FIX) by its code/name, or you can have it showing you all navaids in the current map view.

All navaids data are from FlightGear, which uses X-Plane’s data. I have stored the data in a database, which FGMap talks to via AJAX.

There are a few things that i haven’t done yet. That includes proper ILS/OM/MM/IM/GS drawing, heliport, airway, etc. I might also add real time metar reports to airports later.

Anyway, feel free to play with it, and leave me some feedbacks.

Here are two screenshots of FGMap navaids in action.

Over KOAK - Metropolitan Oakland IntlOver KOAK – Metropolitan Oakland Intl

Over VHHH - Hong Kong Intl

Over VHHH – Hong Kong Intl

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