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LCA2008 Day 6 – Open Day
2008/02/10 20:48:56

So it had come to the last but not least day of LCA2008 – The Open Day.

Since last year, the Open Day has been yet another exciting day in LCA. There were over 30 booths hosted by different companies and organizations demonstrating their cool Linux and open source technologies.

I believe the ones that caught most attention would be the gaming booths where there were StepMania, Frets On Fire, and a bunch of open source games that were configured to use the wiimote.

And speaking of the wiimote, of course another highlight was Rusty’s Pong Hero. It was inspired by one of Johnny’s Lee wiimote project that uses the wiimote’s infrared camera and a infrared light to work together as a whiteboard. In Rusty’s case, you draw using a specially made infrared lipstick on the virtual whiteboard to play the classic Pong game. You can catch it in action on this video.

Overall the Open Day this year was great. Though I kinda hope for a better venue for it. Because it’s inside a building it’s kinda packed. I mean comparing to the one last year, LCA2007’s was a much better semi-opened area for things like Open Day.

I hung around till pretty much when then Open Day came to an end. I slowly strolled back to St Mary’s to get ready for my flight back to Sydney.

Goodbye LCA2008, and looking forward to LCA2009 in Tasmania.

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LCA2008 Day 5
2008/02/10 19:15:09

Last day of the conference. There were a few interesting talks that I wanted to go to but a lot of them are at the same time. The not-so-bad thing is though almost all talks were recorded.

In the afternoon, among the few talks I was interested, I decided to head to the MythTV BOF, partly because I know the BOFs weren’t recorded. As a quite-long time MythTV user I find the BOF pretty interesting, however I wish there was more time for it. One of the brought up issues, and also an everlasting issue, was TV guide data in Australia. I always feel funny that it is so hard to get the data, as if they don’t want you to watch their programmes.

After the afternoon tea was the lightning talks, followed by the closing of the conference. To me lightning talks are always the cool and very entertaining. Of course this year’s talks were no exception, and I enjoyed them a lot.

After the closing was the Google party. It was right outside the university union house, so it’s kinda outdoor. The atmosphere was good, and I think pretty much everyone was there enjoying the drinks and the BBQ. The food was nice, but I wish there were a bit more variety.

I stayed around for a bit and headed back to St Mary’s common room. My friend and I joined another two guys (sorry I didn’t catch the names or I just forgot :() there for a game of table tennis. I haven’t really played any double myself so that was kinda of cool.

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LCA2008 Day 4
2008/02/08 20:20:25

As my back blogging continues…

Day 4 is the Professional Delegates Network Session (PDNS) night. Shortly after all the talks of the day we headed down to the Melbourne museum, where the PDNS was held.

I was absolutely stunned by the museum, and I just couldn’t stopped taking photos. And as a result this also distracted me from the actual “networking”. I shall put up my LCA2008 photos real soon. There was the CSIRAC – Australia’s first computer, and there were many many other cool displays of various animals and bugs, like those awesome ant’s nests and spiders.

It’s a pity though that we were only allowed to be in a rather small area of the museum, and we couldn’t really go anywhere else.

There’s also one of those displays where you put on a specially made glasses to watch a few video clips in 3D.

The food was very nice as well! There was a few things with some kind of raw beef, some thing that a bit like sushi but not quite, raw oysters, usual but delicious sandwiches. Allow me to say that the PDNS food this year was better than last year’s :P

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LCA2008 Day 3
2008/02/07 18:35:38

Doing a bit back-blogging… but hey, at least that means the conference was so great and I didn’t have any time to blog :)

So it was the first day of the LCA main conference. Apart from Bruce Schneier’s keynote and all the cool talks, it was also the 10th year anniversary of lwn.net, and during the morning tea we had some really really rich and delicious lwn chocolate muffin. It was soooo good.

It was also the day/night for the penguin dinner. It was held at the Queen Victoria night market, which is quite different from what the usual LCA penguin dinner used to be. And being the first time visiting Melbourne, it is actually a pretty good idea.

So we all like 700 people walking from the Melbourne University. It was funny that there was a guy who worked opposite to the road where we slowly strolled to the night market, and he couldn’t resist and headed down from his office and asked us what’s happening with all these people on the street.

We got to choose our own food from over like 30 different food places (even though I’ve got from the one only, but I loved it). And I like the semi-open environment (and glad that it wasn’t raining in the afternoon and the evening), more casual, and a lot more fun.

Didn’t pay much attention to the actual market though myself, as I found it very much the same as the one at the Rocks in Sydney.

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LCA2008 Day 2
2008/01/29 20:48:21

After asking for an extra pillow (the one that was already in the room just didn’t work well, it’s as flat as a Macbook Air), I had a good sleep last night.

I have been hiding in the gaming miniconf pretty much the whole day. It was all fun and cool. In particular the Crayon project, which is supposed to turn a simple photo or drawing into some sort of games, sounded very interesting. Unfortunately due to time constrains there wasn’t a demo. It might be shown on the open day however.

Another interesting one would be Rusty’s wiimote project, which will hopefully be ready to for demo on the open day as well.

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LCA2008 Day 1
2008/01/28 20:37:26

After watching the Australian Open men’s final on Sunday night, I woke up to the first miniconf day of LCA2008, half asleep.

As I got to St Mary’s pretty late yesterday, the registration desk was already closed by the time I got there. So only this morning I got my badge and conference bag.

One of the coolest about the bag is not only inside it has a bag for a laptop, but also the fact that it is detachable, which means I can use it in my backpack too. Another good one is the small umbrella, which I was meant to get one because my old small one broke, as they all do. Having said that, let’s hope it’s not going to rain anytime this week. :)

I managed to stay awake in the embedded miniconf with the Stuart’s robot talk and Benno’s OKL4. Both were very interesting. Unfortunately the PS3 and Cell Linux talk was cancelled, which is a bit disappointing considering I’ve recently got a (virtually free) PS3.

After lunch I went back to the embedded miniconf for more talk, then later I hopped into the multimedia miniconf for the Ingex talk. After that I just couldn’t talk it anymore and decided to stroll back to my room and take a nap.

Definitely need a longer and better sleep tonight for the gaming and perhaps kernel miniconf tomorrow.

And once again, like many other LCAers, I’m really grateful for the working wireless at the St Mary’s college rooms. Thanks very much to the LCA team.

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