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LCA 2007 Day 5 – The last day, and the Penguin Dinner
2007/01/20 20:50:22

Kathy Sierra’s keynote was very refreshing. She outlined a different way of thinking with software development, or perhaps for any products development. It was very entertaining as well. The movie character matching was very very cool :)

The highlight talk for me for the day was probably Adam Kennedy’s Nothing can possibly go wrong. Couldn’t quite describe it, just wait and download its video if you weren’t there.

And then there was the closing ceremony of LCA 2007. Like most people I would have loved it if the space invader demo worked. Even if we could setup a camera and write a program to do the same thing, we certainly don’t have like 800 people to test it everyday.

We progressed to the Penguin Dinner shortly after. It was a big dinner, apparently there were about 65 tables. Food was great even after having a bad stomach after the Open Day beef pie. During the dinner there was the rusty wrench presentation, the big cheque handing over, and also the usual speaker-autographed auction. After the dinner we had a little final party upstairs at the same place. I spent only a little bit there.

Photos of the last day of LCA here.

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LCA 2007 Day 4 – Inkscape’s bling, weather art, and the ROCKING Open Day
2007/01/19 13:52:21

Andy Fitzsimon’s Single Source Design illustrated a lot of “bling” in graphics and web site design using Inkscape. It’s one of those talks that inspired you with all these mind-blowing new ways of doing things.

While Alexander Reeder presented his neat, practical and yet simple idea of his naked laptop weather display in the Open Source Art talk. He has reminded me of the broken laptop my ex-flatmate gave me, which has a rather flaky IDE bus as well. I should probably think of something cool to do with it.

In the afternoon we had the ROCKING Open Day at the pavilion. Though the venue is small (comparing to those big expo of course), there were heaps of interesting displays and demo. It might be things that we (Linux enthusiast) see everyday, but to the others it was a wonderful experience. It was very packed and apparently there were over a thousand people visited, including families and friends of people in the Linux community. Maybe this will become a trend of all LCAs in the future to have an awesome Open Day.

I ended up helping Endy a very little bit at his ScummVM demo stand. I showed and explained to a few kids the what and how of the game. Turns out there were a lot of young kids interested Sam ‘n Max and the Maniac Mansion Day of the Tentacles when they saw them. Many of them were willing to sit down and spend lots of time going though the game. Good games can really be good games of all time.

Photos of day 4 here.

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LCA 2007 Day 3 – Cool talks and professional drinking^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hnetworking session
2007/01/18 12:34:56

After the short Linus-on-stage and Tanenbaum’s awesome keynote, I went to Albatross UAV session by John and Hugo, Tridgell’s clustering tdb, followed by Raster’s E and pants, nouveau driver, Stewart’s data eating talk, and the X monitor hotplugging by Keith Packard.

The X talk reminds me of xdmx, which works but the version I tried last time still had the nasty Xrender bug (which is apparently fixed in the development version). Also I couldn’t get any GLX direct rendering to work, even for the local native screen which I thought it would work. Someone could show me some lights? (Is it supposed to work or not?)

In the evening we had the professional networking session at the Scientia. This is actually my first time at LCA as a professional. The atmosphere there was great. There were a lot more people there than I thought it would be. Took some nice photos there too.

Photos of the 3rd day here.

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LCA 2007 Day 2 – Jokosher and Gaming Miniconf
2007/01/17 10:49:40

There isn’t an Audio Miniconf this year like the one in LCA 2005. Still there are a couple of audio related talks like the Jokosher talk I went to in the GNOME Miniconf today.

Jono Bacon pinpointed that a few good elements that what and how a (sound editing) GUI would make sense and be intuitive. I have played with ardour a little bit myself and I have to agree what Jono has said about it. I guess it’s kind of like how I keep hearing people who got used to a 3D modeling app like AC3D and then go and try Blender. (I use and am used to Blender, though)

Well, spent most of the day at the Gaming Miniconf. Wesnoth, PS3 Linux, and so forth.

Also fulfilled my panorama obsession and half-heartedly took one at the round house while people waiting for the conference party. No I haven’t fixed every single glitches in the photo, that’s what the GIMP tutorial on Thursday is for :)

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LCA 2007 Day 1
2007/01/15 20:43:45
flightgear linux

Hot day, cool people; nice LCA bag, bad wireless. My first day at LCA 2007.

It was pretty exciting to meet for the first time with a few people who I have known online for quite a while. George (or Gorilla) from the FlightGear gang, Leeds I know from #handhelds.org, and Endy from the ScummVM team showing off the latest version that has AGI support (for some of the old Sierra games like Space Quest I). Looking forward to his lightning talk at the Gaming Miniconf tomorrow.

Apparently Jeff ended up demonstrating the Wii in the Gnome miniconf (which I have missed). I reckon he should have demo using the Wiimote on Linux, which is pretty easy to setup. Or maybe that should be in the Gaming miniconf… :)

On the other hand, I was having weird trouble with the wireless on my laptop. It’s a Intel Centrino PRO/Wireless 2200BG, and I was using the ipw2200 module with the corresponding firmware. For some reasons it wasn’t able to get an IP from DHCP most of the time. I managed to get an IP once, but it dropped out pretty much straight away. I tried setting the same IP I got statically but it was only partially working (DNS working, for example, but nothing else worked, which was expected).

After consulting Jamie and John a bit they reckoned my wireless somehow kept dropping packets. And to be honest I haven’t actually use the wireless much on this laptop. I have no idea whether it’s a hardware/radio/firmware/driver problem or what. I ended up using my CF wifi card and it worked beautifully.

Anyone in the conference is welcomed to fix it for me :)

Took fewer photos than I wanted to today, but anyway they can be found here. I’ll try to put up new photos there for each LCA day.

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linux.conf.au 2007
2006/11/02 07:03:14

It’s like second best thing to see that the programme for the linux.conf.au 2007 is out! I imagine it’s as exciting as when a new TV guide is out for some people. :)

And for the (first) best thing, LCA 2007 registration is now opened!

Now how cool is that! (Or I should just get out more…)

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