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LCA 2007 Day 1
2007/01/15 20:43:45
flightgear linux

Hot day, cool people; nice LCA bag, bad wireless. My first day at LCA 2007.

It was pretty exciting to meet for the first time with a few people who I have known online for quite a while. George (or Gorilla) from the FlightGear gang, Leeds I know from #handhelds.org, and Endy from the ScummVM team showing off the latest version that has AGI support (for some of the old Sierra games like Space Quest I). Looking forward to his lightning talk at the Gaming Miniconf tomorrow.

Apparently Jeff ended up demonstrating the Wii in the Gnome miniconf (which I have missed). I reckon he should have demo using the Wiimote on Linux, which is pretty easy to setup. Or maybe that should be in the Gaming miniconf… :)

On the other hand, I was having weird trouble with the wireless on my laptop. It’s a Intel Centrino PRO/Wireless 2200BG, and I was using the ipw2200 module with the corresponding firmware. For some reasons it wasn’t able to get an IP from DHCP most of the time. I managed to get an IP once, but it dropped out pretty much straight away. I tried setting the same IP I got statically but it was only partially working (DNS working, for example, but nothing else worked, which was expected).

After consulting Jamie and John a bit they reckoned my wireless somehow kept dropping packets. And to be honest I haven’t actually use the wireless much on this laptop. I have no idea whether it’s a hardware/radio/firmware/driver problem or what. I ended up using my CF wifi card and it worked beautifully.

Anyone in the conference is welcomed to fix it for me :)

Took fewer photos than I wanted to today, but anyway they can be found here. I’ll try to put up new photos there for each LCA day.

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And we’ve moved!
2006/10/23 06:13:08
flightgear pigeond

On this fine Sunday afternoon, pigeond.net was moved to a new ISP. Everything seemed to have gone well.

I want to thank Stanley again for the trouble, and probably any sorts of other things he had to do for this move.

Though, still need to wait for Curt to update the DNS for mpserver02.flightgear.org and mpmap02.flightgear.org, as he’s always very very busy. So if you need to use the FlightGear server on my box, you could just use pigeond.net 5000/5002, and this url for the FGMap.

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We’re moving again…
2006/10/20 05:25:36
flightgear pigeond

For those who care, pigeond.net will be moving again sometime this weekend to a new data center. Hopefully it won’t be down for too long during the move.

And for our fellow FlightGear pilots, that would mean mpserver02.flightgear.org and mpmap02.flightgear.org would not work for a little bit when we’re moving.

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Pikkoro – My Linux live system on a CF card
2006/06/04 20:28:26
flightgear linux

Since the last few times when I was in HK/TW, I’ve been thinking of having a Linux live system, installed on a USB stick or Compact Flash (CF) card, so I could simply plug it to any machine (say, those m$ windows box of my parent’s or my wife’s). I had been using the Ubuntu LiveCD, and it was really great. But then of course CD access is slow, and it’s read-only.

So I bought myself a 2GB CF card when I was in HK months ago. And I’ve finally finished setting Linux up on it. Host name “Pikkoro” (yes, yet another machine named after Dragon Ball characters), got Debian Etch (testing) installed, have it booting and running my own Linux system using a USB-CF card reader.

For those who are not familiar with the idea of a “live” system, it is basically an operating system (Linux in this case) installed on any media that can be used to boot on a computer. We all know the common setup of your computer booting the OS installed on your harddisk. So your harddisk is “bootable”. These days most computers can boot not only from a harddisk, but also from a CD/DVD, or a USB storage device (aka USB drive/stick). A live system would mean the OS/system can be run without installation. It won’t touch your harddisk (unless you want to).

So in my case, I have Linux installed and setup on my CF card, which can be plugged to a computer via a USB-CF card reader. The reason why i didn’t use a USB stick/drive is so I can use/read it on my iPAQ too, which has a CF slot.

Getting a Linux live system to work is pretty easy if you’re familiar with how Linux boots and how Debian works. Nevertheless I did some searches and reading on what other people have been doing, and I found this mini guide. What interested me is the localepurge package in Debian, which saved me a some disk spaces.

One of many things during the process was picking a window manager (notice how I said “window manager”, but not “desktop environment” :) I’ve been an AfterStepper (1.8) for a long long time. When I was doing FGLive I played with fluxbox a bit and I liked it. So I’ve decided to give it a go. After fiddling with it for a while, it’s official, fluxbox is now default on my Linux live CF. Its tab feature is probably one of the coolest. My only complaint so far is it not able to switch virtual desktop by mouse, and the fact that it only has concept of linear virtual desktops it seems.

Anyway, I’m now happy that I can carry around my own Linux system anywhere I go…

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FGMap with navaids
2006/06/01 21:23:15
coding flightgear

After a couple of weeks of night coding, FGMap navaids stuff has finally reached the state where I could release it for people to test.

At the moment you can either search for a navaid (airport, VOR, NDB, FIX) by its code/name, or you can have it showing you all navaids in the current map view.

All navaids data are from FlightGear, which uses X-Plane’s data. I have stored the data in a database, which FGMap talks to via AJAX.

There are a few things that i haven’t done yet. That includes proper ILS/OM/MM/IM/GS drawing, heliport, airway, etc. I might also add real time metar reports to airports later.

Anyway, feel free to play with it, and leave me some feedbacks.

Here are two screenshots of FGMap navaids in action.

Over KOAK - Metropolitan Oakland IntlOver KOAK – Metropolitan Oakland Intl

Over VHHH - Hong Kong Intl

Over VHHH – Hong Kong Intl

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FGLive 0.1 LinuxTag edition
2006/05/15 05:30:14
flightgear linux software

The first, sorta official release of FGLive is here. FGLive – FlightGear Live is a bootable live system on CD (or any bootable medium) that boots into Linux, with FlightGear setup, ready to run. FlightGear is an open-source, multi-platform, cooperative flight simulator development project.

To find out more about FGLive, see here, and make sure you read the README as well.

See screenshots and videos of FlightGear here.

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