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Liferea (really) offline reading conversion filter script
2009/07/03 19:38:48
coding linux software

So, I’m not the only one looking a solution for this problem.

Basically I want my RSS reader to fetch things (images for example) needed to display every entry during updates, so I can read them offline. Images in most feed entries are referenced remotely (http://), which are usually not downloaded until the entry is actually viewed. Some feeds use enclosures but that works more like an attachment rather than for content.

I’ve tried quite a few RSS readers and Straw seems to be the only one that does full automatic image fetch during updates. However Straw’s development has been stalling, and the latest version seems to be quite unstable.

Liferea has been my RSS reader for quite a while, and so I’ve decided to do it myself with (hopefully) the simplest way possible: a Liferea conversion filter which parses a feed and fetches things for offline reading.

At the moment it works by looking for <img> tags and fetches the image using wget, and then replaces the original image src to point to the local one.

It’s a pretty simple perl script. I have written it in a way so it can be extended it to parse and fetch other things in the future, maybe embedded videos for example. It currently downloads all images, one by one. It also checks if a file is already downloaded or not. You can change $SAVE_PATH in the script as needed.

You can git (yes, git) the script at git://pigeond.net/offline_filter.git. Or alternatively get the latest version here, or browse the repo at http://pigeond.net/git/?p=offline_filter.git.

To use it, set the script as the conversion filter for the feed you want to have things downloaded and it should just work.

Now I can read all the really important stuff on the train, like xkcd and failblog ;).

Pilot filters in FGMap
2009/05/03 19:32:28
flightgear linux

A couple of weeks ago, one of the fellows (yes, you, MSmith) from the Island Virtual Airways, the virtual airline based on FlightGear, poked me and was asking me if there is a way to show only their airline pilots on FGMap. After spending a few coding train trips, I’ve added a very simple pilot filtering feature. Currently you can filter by the callsign and the aircraft. It also has query string support, so you can do things like http://mpmap02.flightgear.org/?pilots_filter_callsign=blah

Check it out at http://mpmap02.flightgear.org/. Code is in my usual git repo.


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