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English to Engrish fixed… again…
2008/07/25 21:46:13

My English to Engrish translator was broken (again!) due to a minor change on the Babelfish side (I also didn’t know Babelfish Altavista has now become Yahoo! Babelfish). The translator is now fixed. I’ve also moved it to a different URL so it’s easier for me to manage. The downside is I have to put the CGI into an IFRAME. Hopefully no one would care ;)

Thanks for a few people e-mailing about the problem. Unfortunately most of those e-mails went into my spam mailbox, which I don’t go thru as often (for obvious reason :)

Anyway, thanks Lupis and Larry.

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So what I’ve been doing?
2003/01/27 14:47:51
coding personal piano software

Really busy months…

Project deadlines at work as usual. It was still pretty good time though. And I got 18 cans of Lipton tea for the X’mas kringle thing. And they’re all gone already!

I’ve moved again. Well just the next road down. The move was sort of quick and easy without any significant drama. (And of course, we hired removal people to do it this time. I have to say they’ve done a pretty good job.)

So, just what can you do with an ipaq running Linux? Well, while I was packing all my stuff including computers, I managed to get bpalogin (a Telstra Bigpond cable login client) running on my ipaq. It was easy. I compiled it for strongarm and that’s it. Another thumbs-up for Linux and open source software. So with all my main computers packed and unplgged, I was still able to get online. I took a picture too :P

ipaq bpalogin

Click it for larger version

Coding… hadn’t really got time to do much.

I got at least 5 different patches from people all around the world for the gtk2/gkrellm2 port for bfm. I have to apologize for not doing anything with bfm at the moment. Hopefully in a few months time I will be putting together another release.

I was trying to get some sort of chinese inputing on my ipaq and it wasn’t that easy. I hacked xkbd a bit and got to the point so it is showing the changjei keyboard layout. However at that time Xft and Freetype weren’t cooperative enough to work perfectly on the ipaq. I’m pushing this off a bit and will deal with it later :P

I was playing with Evas again and getting my head around with its smart object. I started off with this Evas Staff widget. Hopefully I can write some useful programs using this in the future.

Evas Staff

Also, I’ve joined the GPE gang and started working on gpe-irc, an IRC client (obviously), together with a few other developers. I’m mainly dealing with the backend stuff.

Hmm I’ve written a quick perl script to do english-to-engrish translation. If you don’t know what engrish is, visit engrish.com.

Piano… My piano tutor has found a better job, but it’s in Kaohsiung. And so she went back to Taiwan which means I’m now teacher-less :( Still, I’m keeping up with my piano every now and then. I’ll probably look for another tutor a bit later.

A bit of credits here for my piano tutor. Claudia, she’s very good at piano and music. And I guess she understands me a lot too in terms of my knowledge of piano and music. She knows what I’m good at and weak in. She knows what, where and how I’ve been thru piano and music. And so she’s done a very good job in guiding and teaching me. Not to mention we both share the same level of enthusiasm and passion towards piano and music. We can basically just sit there and talk all about piano non-stop.

Yet I have to see if I can find another tutor like that :)

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