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Google Map v1 vs v2
2006/05/02 17:09:10
coding flightgear personal software

So I was porting FGMap to GMap API v2 from v1.

At the same time I did some “sightseeing” around, and checking out one of my favorite buildings, currently the tallest building in the world, the Taipei 101. Then I noticed the difference (pretty obvious) between the satellite images from GMap v1 and v2. The one from v1 is in fact newer than v2. The one in v2 is still being built!

GMap v1GMap v1 GMap v2GMap v2

FlightGear Multiplay Air Traffic with Google Map
2005/09/11 21:41:58
coding flightgear linux software

After seeing lots useful and cool stuff people have been doing using the Google Map API, I was inspired to write something perhaps to plot buildings/models I have been/will be doing for FlightGear. While trying the API out a bit, an idea striked my head. What about a real time map for the FlightGear multiplay server air traffic map?

And so I started off doing it. It’s heaps of fun, not to mention finding out all those bugs with IE. M$ is very kind, they always do things that make people laugh. This always gives me a chance to revise a lot with Javascript.

I also ended up writing my own routines for map overlays displaying plane markers and info, instead of using the GMAPI’s GMarker. A bit more flexible, and it does exactly what I want.

There is time when Javascript is useful, and there is time where it’s just overkill. IMHO, Javascript is useful for writing “web app”. Same as using Flash, or Java applet. But btw this does NOT mean every website should be bloody web app!!

And there you go, the FlightGear server online map. A couple of FlightGearers have been using it as a flying map and as a simple ATC radar. If it’s the right time you’ll see us flying!

I’ve got plans to add more features, like airports/navids lookup. And of course, improving the usability and UI is always on the plate. Comments are also welcomed…

Also thanks to everyone who has helped me with testing and giving suggestions to the page. (ampere, AJ, thorben, vivian, gorilla, Surge, johnh51, MasseR, etc)

FlightGear Google Map

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