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vimpress – wordpress from vim
2008/08/03 13:52:58
linux software

This is a test…

Well, not really.

I was looking for an alternative to posting blog entries using the web interface, and was randomly trying a few apps in Debian. There were drivel and gnome-blog but they don’t seem to support tags. BloGTK seems to, but there’s something weird about how it does, and it doesn’t support multiple categories. BloGTK is also being removed from Debian.

Then I came across vimpress – a vim plugin for wordpress. It’s simple, but it does what I needed. You can get a list of your blog entires, post a new blog, or even edit an existing blog. So I’m testing it with this blog entry and see how it goes.

The only small rant, not to vimpress, but to Debian’s vim, is that vimpress needs vim’s python support, but it’s not built into the vim.basic binary, which I prefer over vim.gtk or vim.gnome. One of the reasons is when I ctrl-z to background vim, and then foreground it (fg), it sometimes (not all the time) gets stuck unless I hit ctrl-c. This does not happen with vim.basic, but only vim.gtk and vim.gnome.

I did try to trace it and it is when the function mch_suspend calling pause(), which causes vim to wait for a signal.

Perhaps I should report to vim later…

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FlightGear git repository
2008/08/03 10:57:56
flightgear linux software

I’ve been keeping a git repo of my own for FlightGear for quite some time. I was using Tailor for importing CVS into git, since git-cvsimport seems to be an issue with the branches in FlightGear’s CVS. Tailor is very powerful, and work among over 10 different revision control systems.

On the other hand, I’ve been having some issues with tailor. Not until much much much later (about a week ago) that I discovered the cause and possibly the remedy. At the same time one of the FlightGear developers Tim Moore has figured out why git-cvsimport wasn’t happy, and more importantly how to make it happy.

And so I’ve re-imported FlightGear and SimGear source from scratch and it’s been going well so far. But for those who have been using my repo, you will have to re-clone it again.

I’ve also imported the FlightGear data repo, but beware, it’s rather big even for git. The bare repo is almost 1G. So if you’re happy with your current CVS checkout, I suggest you not to bother with my git one. Mind you, that’s the entire history. Considering a checkout is about 1.7G, that’s not too bad. I’ve also set a 512kB/s limit for my git upstream, just in case there are like 20 people cloning the data repo at the same time :)

Pigeons play video games
2008/08/03 08:24:07


Ok, it’s not exactly “playing” the game, but pretty much just tapping, but still, that’s like the cutest thing!

Then again, considering there was a study that showed pigeons are actually smarter than 3-year-old children (you know, human kids), I’m sure someone could make a game with input and interface for pigeons to play properly.

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English to Engrish fixed… again…
2008/07/25 21:46:13

My English to Engrish translator was broken (again!) due to a minor change on the Babelfish side (I also didn’t know Babelfish Altavista has now become Yahoo! Babelfish). The translator is now fixed. I’ve also moved it to a different URL so it’s easier for me to manage. The downside is I have to put the CGI into an IFRAME. Hopefully no one would care ;)

Thanks for a few people e-mailing about the problem. Unfortunately most of those e-mails went into my spam mailbox, which I don’t go thru as often (for obvious reason :)

Anyway, thanks Lupis and Larry.

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Quote of the day…
2008/06/28 12:53:47

My definition of pregnancy…

<tuppa>  I thought you have a child process pigeond
<pigeon> tuppa: yeah, forked the child process... but not exec yet...

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National Pigeon Day…
2008/06/13 19:27:33

… is on the 13th June, which is today, technically, in the U.S.

You can have a read on a few posts here and here to learn about how it all started. There is even a national pigeon day anthem for it.

National Pigeon Day, they have entertainment, speeches, and even pigeon shaped cookies. I wish I could be there (and finally a reason that makes me want to go to the U.S.).

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