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WINE 1 : Windows 0
2010/04/12 19:22:18
games linux software

Got this old but very popular game I wanted to play. It’s a Windows game, but not only that, the version I have is the simplified chinese version of it (I can read it, but not as good as traditional).

I was “lucky” and got someone else’s Windows XP box to try and see if it runs, and it doesn’t. It starts up and says it needs the version of the game only works on a simplified chinese version of Windows. Then I thought, I’ve seen similar problems with other programs. Let me try fiddling with those locale and default language and encoding settings in the control panel, not to mention that I need to reboot Windows almost after every change of the settings. However, none of the changes helped. The game still won’t run. And because you could ask, no, we don’t have a simplified version of Windows.

I know for the fact that the game actually runs under WINE pretty well (good thing being an old game I guess), so I gave it a go. Installation worked. Then when I run it, yup, got the same simplified chinese version error. But there’s something different. The texts of the error dialog box are all garbage. I imagine they’re simplified chinese, but somehow not using the right font or encoding. I decided to fix this problem first, which I knew it would be easy cos I have had same problems with other chinese games before. All you need is to set LANG, in this case, to zh_CN.

And guess what, that not only solves the chinese encoding issue, that also convinces the game to think I’m on simplified chinese version of Windows. The game worked beautifully. And need not to say, setting an environment variable doesn’t require rebooting… unlike some retarded operating system.

WINE wins!

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Liferea (really) offline reading conversion filter script
2009/07/03 19:38:48
coding linux software

So, I’m not the only one looking a solution for this problem.

Basically I want my RSS reader to fetch things (images for example) needed to display every entry during updates, so I can read them offline. Images in most feed entries are referenced remotely (http://), which are usually not downloaded until the entry is actually viewed. Some feeds use enclosures but that works more like an attachment rather than for content.

I’ve tried quite a few RSS readers and Straw seems to be the only one that does full automatic image fetch during updates. However Straw’s development has been stalling, and the latest version seems to be quite unstable.

Liferea has been my RSS reader for quite a while, and so I’ve decided to do it myself with (hopefully) the simplest way possible: a Liferea conversion filter which parses a feed and fetches things for offline reading.

At the moment it works by looking for <img> tags and fetches the image using wget, and then replaces the original image src to point to the local one.

It’s a pretty simple perl script. I have written it in a way so it can be extended it to parse and fetch other things in the future, maybe embedded videos for example. It currently downloads all images, one by one. It also checks if a file is already downloaded or not. You can change $SAVE_PATH in the script as needed.

You can git (yes, git) the script at git://pigeond.net/offline_filter.git. Or alternatively get the latest version here, or browse the repo at http://pigeond.net/git/?p=offline_filter.git.

To use it, set the script as the conversion filter for the feed you want to have things downloaded and it should just work.

Now I can read all the really important stuff on the train, like xkcd and failblog ;).

vimpress again
2009/05/07 19:35:17
coding linux software

It was about 8 months ago when I started using vimpress. And I’ve actually modified it a bit since then. So far I’ve made two tiny changes.

The first is checking for vim python support before doing anything. I did this because in Debian vim (vim.basic) isn’t compiled with python support, and I prefer vim.basic over vim.gtk or vim.gnome as my default vim (and as for the reason, see my previous vimpress post.

The second is adding a :BlogSave command. Basically sending and saving an entry without publishing it, i.e. saving it as a draft, which I do a lot myself.

I’ve kept it in my git repo now at git://pigeond.net/vimpress.git

Gitweb at http://pigeond.net/git/?p=vimpress.git

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vimpress – wordpress from vim
2008/08/03 13:52:58
linux software

This is a test…

Well, not really.

I was looking for an alternative to posting blog entries using the web interface, and was randomly trying a few apps in Debian. There were drivel and gnome-blog but they don’t seem to support tags. BloGTK seems to, but there’s something weird about how it does, and it doesn’t support multiple categories. BloGTK is also being removed from Debian.

Then I came across vimpress – a vim plugin for wordpress. It’s simple, but it does what I needed. You can get a list of your blog entires, post a new blog, or even edit an existing blog. So I’m testing it with this blog entry and see how it goes.

The only small rant, not to vimpress, but to Debian’s vim, is that vimpress needs vim’s python support, but it’s not built into the vim.basic binary, which I prefer over vim.gtk or vim.gnome. One of the reasons is when I ctrl-z to background vim, and then foreground it (fg), it sometimes (not all the time) gets stuck unless I hit ctrl-c. This does not happen with vim.basic, but only vim.gtk and vim.gnome.

I did try to trace it and it is when the function mch_suspend calling pause(), which causes vim to wait for a signal.

Perhaps I should report to vim later…

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FlightGear git repository
2008/08/03 10:57:56
flightgear linux software

I’ve been keeping a git repo of my own for FlightGear for quite some time. I was using Tailor for importing CVS into git, since git-cvsimport seems to be an issue with the branches in FlightGear’s CVS. Tailor is very powerful, and work among over 10 different revision control systems.

On the other hand, I’ve been having some issues with tailor. Not until much much much later (about a week ago) that I discovered the cause and possibly the remedy. At the same time one of the FlightGear developers Tim Moore has figured out why git-cvsimport wasn’t happy, and more importantly how to make it happy.

And so I’ve re-imported FlightGear and SimGear source from scratch and it’s been going well so far. But for those who have been using my repo, you will have to re-clone it again.

I’ve also imported the FlightGear data repo, but beware, it’s rather big even for git. The bare repo is almost 1G. So if you’re happy with your current CVS checkout, I suggest you not to bother with my git one. Mind you, that’s the entire history. Considering a checkout is about 1.7G, that’s not too bad. I’ve also set a 512kB/s limit for my git upstream, just in case there are like 20 people cloning the data repo at the same time :)

My real experience of M$ Winblows Vista today…
2008/02/12 20:53:16

What do you call a piece of software that…

  • cannot copy 268MB of files from and to the same harddisk (i.e. the infamous “out of memory” error)?
  • cannot show me the total size of a folder because the “General” tab stopped appearing in the properties, until I rebooted?
  • I have to reboot 6 times for various reasons (network not working, change of settings, etc) within 3 hours of usage?

Answer: useless piece of junk.

Please. Save yourself. Save your friends. Save the world. Tell everyone what’s wrong with Vista. I’m a Linux guy, but I’m not asking you to run Linux. I’m just asking you not to use this piece of crap. Use something that you deserve.

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