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And we’ve moved!
2006/10/23 06:13:08
flightgear pigeond

On this fine Sunday afternoon, pigeond.net was moved to a new ISP. Everything seemed to have gone well.

I want to thank Stanley again for the trouble, and probably any sorts of other things he had to do for this move.

Though, still need to wait for Curt to update the DNS for mpserver02.flightgear.org and mpmap02.flightgear.org, as he’s always very very busy. So if you need to use the FlightGear server on my box, you could just use pigeond.net 5000/5002, and this url for the FGMap.

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We’re moving again…
2006/10/20 05:25:36
flightgear pigeond

For those who care, pigeond.net will be moving again sometime this weekend to a new data center. Hopefully it won’t be down for too long during the move.

And for our fellow FlightGear pilots, that would mean mpserver02.flightgear.org and mpmap02.flightgear.org would not work for a little bit when we’re moving.

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A whole new pigeond.net box
2006/03/08 14:37:33

Well, I lied. It’s the same old case and psu, but we got a new cpu, m/b, ram and hdd. This should fix our freezing-randomly problem we were having in the last couple of weeks.

Once again, thanks Stanley for helping out with some of the mail issues, and also a big thank you to nnnn for doing all the buying, setting up, travelling to and from the datacenter, etc, all sorts of things…

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pigeond.net rss feed
2006/02/19 12:59:47

I’ve decided to add an rss feed for my diary/blog/whatever you want to call it. For those who care, enjoy… :)

Random screenshots…
2004/09/04 20:30:02

Added a screenshots section, for fun and profit…

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Happy holidays… to pigeond.net!
2004/01/16 12:38:55

You guys had a nice holiday over the xmas and new year? pigeond.net too!

The server was down for about a month due to its network card (again!?). It caused the driver module to report an error, which led to a kernel panic. We weren’t able to find this out until we brought the box back and did a thorough check. Now the network card is replaced with a newly bought one. Let’s see how long this will stay on…

Oh… thanks nnnn for all the hard work for pigeond.net server too.

As for me, I went to HK and TW for about 2 weeks in total. Did a lot of shopping in HK with my gf, and had a lot of fun in TW too. Bought a p4 + m/b + etc in HK to replace my dying p3 box at home.

And oh, I bought a tv tuner card too, so now I can have more fun with my computer, including playing with all the cool tv apps on linux, and also writing tv applications. My gf won a ps2 at her company’s dinner lucky draw, and so she gave me her ps one (the small one), so now I can make a good use of my tv card.

pigeon using his gf's dv

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