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Stashway – the foldable grand piano
2006/08/20 17:18:50

I did my usual every-now-and-then keyword “piano” search in my MythTV. And I found this Stashway foldable grand piano (more info and video) invention on the TV show New Inventors.

Basically it’s a normal digital stage piano, fitted into a specially designed portable foldable stand which looks like an ordinary grand piano. What’s funny (to me) also is its foldable legs design is somewhat similar to how my mini grand piano music box folds its legs. The folded piano part is light, and can fit into a car (wagon). It even has wheels for easy moving.

Stashway - the foldable grand piano   My mini grand piano music box

Infra-red virtual piano
2006/08/05 09:36:29

Since the first infra-red virtual computer keyboard was made, I always know that some day there will be one like this. And here it is now.

And just like what I have already thought about, for a practical piano keyboard it needs to be capable to do weighted notes. This company reckons it’s technically possible. My feeling is it might have to somehow determine the speed of the movement? Or possibly the volume of the sound touching the table?

I’ll definitely be interested when they have the 88-key weighted notes version ready…

2006/03/13 18:39:24

Australian filmmaker Bruce Beresford is going to direct “Rhapsody”, a movie about Rachmaninoff. As a Rach’s fan I’m definitely looking forward to that. The full news can be found here.

Oh no… Horowitz is dead… :(
2005/08/07 13:27:18
personal piano

For most people, Vladimir Horowitz has been dead for the last 16 years or so. For other piano and pianist lovers, he might have been living in our heart and in his piano playing. As for me, he’s pretty much alive for the last couple weeks, till only a few days ago, as I have been reading the book Evenings with Horowitz by David Dubal.

Regardless of the critics on the book and how people not being happy about what David might have written and described, I enjoy it very much. It’s almost like I’ve been visiting Horowitz myself when I’m reading it. Especially when there are things mentioned which I have actually watched or heard, such as the concert in Moscow, and the Last Romantic. I truly feel the presence of Horowitz within all the words in the book.

At the same time, it was a great thing to fill my brain everyday with music and piano materials. In the morning I found out what Scriabin and Chopin were like in those days. Later on I learnt about how Horowitz picked his cadenza for his Mozert concerto No. 23 in A Major. And then read about how aristocratic Rachmaninoff is and the the difficult time he had.

The conversations between Horowitz and David are the kind of conversations that I lack these days. I remember I have done similar things with my last piano teacher, Claudia. Despite the fact that her musical and piano knowledge is at a much higher level than mine, we do have the same level of passion towards the piano. We could talk about and share a lot of things we know, all the time. Those were really great times I had.

I also did feel sympathy for David in a lot of ways. It’s certainly not easy to accompany with someone for a long time. And anyone could imagine it would even be harder with the Horowitzes. And I have to say I appreciate this book and David for sharing his experience with the maestro of the piano.

Next, I guess I’ll get more books on piano, and I’m sure I’d enjoy as much.

Sydney International Piano Competition
2004/07/18 11:10:19

I went to three concerts from the SIPC at the Opera House. More excitement with Mozart, Tchaikovsky and my beloved Rachmaninoff. Who would imagine listening to Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 and Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2 and No.3 in a row could be so tired…

And so again I took a lot of photos around the Opera House, both in and out this time. They are here and here.

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More piano…
2003/10/25 22:20:05

I found a lot of people using my Silence wallpaper as their web page background directly from my site here. Don’t worry, I’m not complaining. I’m glad that you like it, even though myself I know it’s pretty much an incomplete wallpaper.

Now I’ve finally manage to put some new piano wallpapers up in my wallpaper piano section. Feel free to use them, hack them, make them better, whatever.

Also, I’ve added my piano and my playing and so now you can listen to my playing. I’m not saying I played very well. I just want to share them to everyone who likes piano and music.

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