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Liferea (really) offline reading conversion filter script
2009/07/03 19:38:48
coding linux software

So, I’m not the only one looking a solution for this problem.

Basically I want my RSS reader to fetch things (images for example) needed to display every entry during updates, so I can read them offline. Images in most feed entries are referenced remotely (http://), which are usually not downloaded until the entry is actually viewed. Some feeds use enclosures but that works more like an attachment rather than for content.

I’ve tried quite a few RSS readers and Straw seems to be the only one that does full automatic image fetch during updates. However Straw’s development has been stalling, and the latest version seems to be quite unstable.

Liferea has been my RSS reader for quite a while, and so I’ve decided to do it myself with (hopefully) the simplest way possible: a Liferea conversion filter which parses a feed and fetches things for offline reading.

At the moment it works by looking for <img> tags and fetches the image using wget, and then replaces the original image src to point to the local one.

It’s a pretty simple perl script. I have written it in a way so it can be extended it to parse and fetch other things in the future, maybe embedded videos for example. It currently downloads all images, one by one. It also checks if a file is already downloaded or not. You can change $SAVE_PATH in the script as needed.

You can git (yes, git) the script at git://pigeond.net/offline_filter.git. Or alternatively get the latest version here, or browse the repo at http://pigeond.net/git/?p=offline_filter.git.

To use it, set the script as the conversion filter for the feed you want to have things downloaded and it should just work.

Now I can read all the really important stuff on the train, like xkcd and failblog ;).

vimpress again
2009/05/07 19:35:17
coding linux software

It was about 8 months ago when I started using vimpress. And I’ve actually modified it a bit since then. So far I’ve made two tiny changes.

The first is checking for vim python support before doing anything. I did this because in Debian vim (vim.basic) isn’t compiled with python support, and I prefer vim.basic over vim.gtk or vim.gnome as my default vim (and as for the reason, see my previous vimpress post.

The second is adding a :BlogSave command. Basically sending and saving an entry without publishing it, i.e. saving it as a draft, which I do a lot myself.

I’ve kept it in my git repo now at git://pigeond.net/vimpress.git

Gitweb at http://pigeond.net/git/?p=vimpress.git

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English to Engrish fixed… again…
2008/07/25 21:46:13

My English to Engrish translator was broken (again!) due to a minor change on the Babelfish side (I also didn’t know Babelfish Altavista has now become Yahoo! Babelfish). The translator is now fixed. I’ve also moved it to a different URL so it’s easier for me to manage. The downside is I have to put the CGI into an IFRAME. Hopefully no one would care ;)

Thanks for a few people e-mailing about the problem. Unfortunately most of those e-mails went into my spam mailbox, which I don’t go thru as often (for obvious reason :)

Anyway, thanks Lupis and Larry.

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FGMap now does metar, and more…
2006/12/03 20:30:48
coding flightgear linux

Recently updated FGMap with various bug fixes, as well as adding a new tabbed info box for airports. That way I could easily add more different information, such as metar information. I have to admit I first got the idea of adding metar information for FGMap when I first saw it on flyagogo.net. They have excellent real world aviation charts, data and an awesome flight planning tools. I’m simply using the metar in Debian at the moment. Hopefully it will match FlightGear’s weather when using with its real weather fetch.

Also I’ve added external links in the airport info box to World Aero Data and AirNav (for U.S. airports).

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MPlayer + MatrixView for windows
2006/09/20 05:22:18
coding linux

Gianluigi Tiesi is kind enough to update my MPlayer + MatrixView patch to work under windows. Thanks very much! That’s why open source software rocks :)

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Fun with Wine hacking
2006/08/20 13:46:58
coding linux software

So I got this PC version of the game Shin Sangoku Musou 3 (真三國無雙). And of course it for some proprietary operating system (we do not speak of its names :P). As a Linux person the first thing you try is to try running it under Wine / WineX / Cedega.

A little bit of surprise, it ran with Wine latest development version, at least it’s gone thru all the splash screen, characters selection, until it gets to the actual game, crashed.

After turning on some debugging and tracing, followed by consulting on #winehq, I’ve learnt that this game hits one of the famous Wine and DirectX issue, multi-threaded Direct3D.

Still I’m a bit adventurous as usual, and did a bit of code reading and hacking in Wine, trying a few different quick-and-dirty approaches to get threads to use the same GLXContext, not that I’m an OpenGL guru.

After a few tries, I gave up. However I still kind of wanna be able to play this game under Linux. So I rethink the problem from a different approach, and did a even more dirty hack, so that only the main thread can do any GL calls. Any other threads will simply returns before trying. Yes, VERY UGLY indeed. So ugly that let’s not even talk about it anymore ;)

And guess what, that does the trick. It gets into the actual game. So apparently it’s creating a new thread only for the pre-game loading screen. So now instead of the loading animation screen, I simply get a black blank screen, and the game continues after that.

And just for fun, I’ve even created a character with the top Taiwanese model’s name :P

More screenshots here.

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