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Pilot filters in FGMap
2009/05/03 19:32:28
flightgear linux

A couple of weeks ago, one of the fellows (yes, you, MSmith) from the Island Virtual Airways, the virtual airline based on FlightGear, poked me and was asking me if there is a way to show only their airline pilots on FGMap. After spending a few coding train trips, I’ve added a very simple pilot filtering feature. Currently you can filter by the callsign and the aircraft. It also has query string support, so you can do things like http://mpmap02.flightgear.org/?pilots_filter_callsign=blah

Check it out at http://mpmap02.flightgear.org/. Code is in my usual git repo.


5 comments to “Pilot filters in FGMap”

2009/06/16 03:05:28

Howdy, had noticed the pilot filter but looks like it’s gone now ?
IIRC, it never was on all mpmap servers, but I don’t see on any of them anymore.

I have a feature request for mpmap : adding the terrain map mode, to satellite, map and satellite/hybrid.
Why ? visual relief cues in a compromise between map and hybrid mode, for quick response while flying MP.
e.g the satellite modes seem to be more resource hungry than map, but the latter doesn’t give you immediate feedback on terrain relief.
Thus, adding terrain mode, which is a standard googlemaps.com mode, would be a great compromise :)

Cheers, thanks for the hard work

2009/07/28 16:08:47

Hey checkout my aircraft carrier landing at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BoN4u4anrU

I used GLC on Ubuntu 64 bit to record my videos. Cya!

2010/04/29 13:22:57

Hi Pigeond, Firstly i’d like to congratulate you on the things you have done with MPmap. It certainly has improved over the last few years.
I’m actually after some advice, I know how much you hate anything touched by the hands of Bill Gates Group so i’m asking for some help in a small way to get back at him…

Well, Really it’s to help develop a similar flight recording app, almost identical to the MPMAP. I need to make a similar app to the MSFS ACARS system, whereby i can populate a table with Departure ICAO, Arrival ICAO, Dep Time, Flight progress, Arrival Time. I know that in the MPmap you have done something very similar.

Any help would be much appreciated.

2010/05/02 17:00:22

Very good site. Many helpful things to FGFS. Thanks for your jobs.
Greetings from Poland.

2012/01/30 16:09:14


Would it be possible to enable Google Map’s terrain style maps on multiplayer map? That would definitely help and would make much more sense than satellite maps. (Maybe default to it?).

Thanks for the brilliant map service,

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