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FlightGear git repository
2008/08/03 10:57:56
flightgear linux software

I’ve been keeping a git repo of my own for FlightGear for quite some time. I was using Tailor for importing CVS into git, since git-cvsimport seems to be an issue with the branches in FlightGear’s CVS. Tailor is very powerful, and work among over 10 different revision control systems.

On the other hand, I’ve been having some issues with tailor. Not until much much much later (about a week ago) that I discovered the cause and possibly the remedy. At the same time one of the FlightGear developers Tim Moore has figured out why git-cvsimport wasn’t happy, and more importantly how to make it happy.

And so I’ve re-imported FlightGear and SimGear source from scratch and it’s been going well so far. But for those who have been using my repo, you will have to re-clone it again.

I’ve also imported the FlightGear data repo, but beware, it’s rather big even for git. The bare repo is almost 1G. So if you’re happy with your current CVS checkout, I suggest you not to bother with my git one. Mind you, that’s the entire history. Considering a checkout is about 1.7G, that’s not too bad. I’ve also set a 512kB/s limit for my git upstream, just in case there are like 20 people cloning the data repo at the same time :)

3 comments to “FlightGear git repository”

2008/08/13 03:04:52

Hello Pigeon !

I’m looking for a way to give you feedback about fgmap; I did not find any way on your fgmap blog.

fgmap is great ! It would be even greater if the position indicator could be in the same unit than the FlightGear HUD = XX°YY’ (fgmap indicator = XX.YY). So we could avoid conversion of YY between /100 and /60

Thanks for the great job and bye bye

pigeon replies:
2008/08/17 09:24:41

Hello! Will do that soon, thanks for your suggestion.

2008/08/17 16:44:56

Hello Pigeon !

Thanks for your reply, but I just discovered that the menu “Autopilot/Set Lat/Lon Format” allows changing unit of the HUD !

You can give this advice to users in the Fgmap User Guide that you are planning for next month ;-)


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