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My real experience of M$ Winblows Vista today…
2008/02/12 20:53:16

What do you call a piece of software that…

  • cannot copy 268MB of files from and to the same harddisk (i.e. the infamous “out of memory” error)?
  • cannot show me the total size of a folder because the “General” tab stopped appearing in the properties, until I rebooted?
  • I have to reboot 6 times for various reasons (network not working, change of settings, etc) within 3 hours of usage?

Answer: useless piece of junk.

Please. Save yourself. Save your friends. Save the world. Tell everyone what’s wrong with Vista. I’m a Linux guy, but I’m not asking you to run Linux. I’m just asking you not to use this piece of crap. Use something that you deserve.

2 comments to “My real experience of M$ Winblows Vista today…”

2008/02/13 13:15:19

I agree, I run xp/unbutu because Im a gamer, but I want to go full linux. Also thought you might find this funny
They say if you play a windows CD backwards youll here satanic messages, but thats nothing, if you play it foward it will install windows vista :)

2008/02/13 13:29:51

Sorry for double posting, I saw that you want a happy hackers, I happen to have a spare lying around, want it?

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