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LCA2008 Day 5
2008/02/10 19:15:09

Last day of the conference. There were a few interesting talks that I wanted to go to but a lot of them are at the same time. The not-so-bad thing is though almost all talks were recorded.

In the afternoon, among the few talks I was interested, I decided to head to the MythTV BOF, partly because I know the BOFs weren’t recorded. As a quite-long time MythTV user I find the BOF pretty interesting, however I wish there was more time for it. One of the brought up issues, and also an everlasting issue, was TV guide data in Australia. I always feel funny that it is so hard to get the data, as if they don’t want you to watch their programmes.

After the afternoon tea was the lightning talks, followed by the closing of the conference. To me lightning talks are always the cool and very entertaining. Of course this year’s talks were no exception, and I enjoyed them a lot.

After the closing was the Google party. It was right outside the university union house, so it’s kinda outdoor. The atmosphere was good, and I think pretty much everyone was there enjoying the drinks and the BBQ. The food was nice, but I wish there were a bit more variety.

I stayed around for a bit and headed back to St Mary’s common room. My friend and I joined another two guys (sorry I didn’t catch the names or I just forgot :() there for a game of table tennis. I haven’t really played any double myself so that was kinda of cool.

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