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LCA2008 Day 4
2008/02/08 20:20:25

As my back blogging continues…

Day 4 is the Professional Delegates Network Session (PDNS) night. Shortly after all the talks of the day we headed down to the Melbourne museum, where the PDNS was held.

I was absolutely stunned by the museum, and I just couldn’t stopped taking photos. And as a result this also distracted me from the actual “networking”. I shall put up my LCA2008 photos real soon. There was the CSIRAC – Australia’s first computer, and there were many many other cool displays of various animals and bugs, like those awesome ant’s nests and spiders.

It’s a pity though that we were only allowed to be in a rather small area of the museum, and we couldn’t really go anywhere else.

There’s also one of those displays where you put on a specially made glasses to watch a few video clips in 3D.

The food was very nice as well! There was a few things with some kind of raw beef, some thing that a bit like sushi but not quite, raw oysters, usual but delicious sandwiches. Allow me to say that the PDNS food this year was better than last year’s :P

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