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LCA2008 Day 3
2008/02/07 18:35:38

Doing a bit back-blogging… but hey, at least that means the conference was so great and I didn’t have any time to blog :)

So it was the first day of the LCA main conference. Apart from Bruce Schneier’s keynote and all the cool talks, it was also the 10th year anniversary of lwn.net, and during the morning tea we had some really really rich and delicious lwn chocolate muffin. It was soooo good.

It was also the day/night for the penguin dinner. It was held at the Queen Victoria night market, which is quite different from what the usual LCA penguin dinner used to be. And being the first time visiting Melbourne, it is actually a pretty good idea.

So we all like 700 people walking from the Melbourne University. It was funny that there was a guy who worked opposite to the road where we slowly strolled to the night market, and he couldn’t resist and headed down from his office and asked us what’s happening with all these people on the street.

We got to choose our own food from over like 30 different food places (even though I’ve got from the one only, but I loved it). And I like the semi-open environment (and glad that it wasn’t raining in the afternoon and the evening), more casual, and a lot more fun.

Didn’t pay much attention to the actual market though myself, as I found it very much the same as the one at the Rocks in Sydney.

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