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LCA2008 Day 1
2008/01/28 20:37:26

After watching the Australian Open men’s final on Sunday night, I woke up to the first miniconf day of LCA2008, half asleep.

As I got to St Mary’s pretty late yesterday, the registration desk was already closed by the time I got there. So only this morning I got my badge and conference bag.

One of the coolest about the bag is not only inside it has a bag for a laptop, but also the fact that it is detachable, which means I can use it in my backpack too. Another good one is the small umbrella, which I was meant to get one because my old small one broke, as they all do. Having said that, let’s hope it’s not going to rain anytime this week. :)

I managed to stay awake in the embedded miniconf with the Stuart’s robot talk and Benno’s OKL4. Both were very interesting. Unfortunately the PS3 and Cell Linux talk was cancelled, which is a bit disappointing considering I’ve recently got a (virtually free) PS3.

After lunch I went back to the embedded miniconf for more talk, then later I hopped into the multimedia miniconf for the Ingex talk. After that I just couldn’t talk it anymore and decided to stroll back to my room and take a nap.

Definitely need a longer and better sleep tonight for the gaming and perhaps kernel miniconf tomorrow.

And once again, like many other LCAers, I’m really grateful for the working wireless at the St Mary’s college rooms. Thanks very much to the LCA team.

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