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My FlightGear stuff
2007/12/31 15:33:06

Every now and then people e-mail me or ask me on IRC where my FlightGear stuff is. So during this holiday I’ve spared a few moments and put together a dedicated page about all the stuff I’ve done with FlightGear.

Share and enjoy…

2 comments to “My FlightGear stuff”

2008/01/23 11:24:02


I apologize as I could find no other way to contact you, but there may be a problem with FGmap. Starting around the middle of last week, FGmap stopped displaying anything but a blank screen and triggers 3 javascript errors on a Windows XP platform using Firefox I made no platform changes, and previous to last week FGmap worked fine. I’ve posted all I know at the FlightGear forum:


Thanks, and if I can be of help please feel free to contact me.

2008/01/23 11:32:52


It occurred to me to blow my browser cache, and the problem went away. I apologize for troubling you. Perhaps this incident may be useful if someone else reports problems.

Thanks for your excellent efforts!

-Gary (Buckaroo on FlightGear forums)

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