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Tainan trip 2007
2007/02/11 14:54:37

Hello from Tainan, Taiwan.

Staying here for three weeks or so, till just a little after the chinese new year, then heading to Hong Kong for a week before going back to Sydney.

It isn’t as cold here as I was told. In fact there were days which were considered hot (>20°C).

Food is great here as usual. The Taiwanese style fried chicken, all-you-can-eat hotpot, lamb hotpot, mini hotpot (yeah, lots of hotpots, even though it’s actually pretty hot now), seafood, steak, all sorts of ice tea and drinks, you name it. Not only they’re bloody good they’re also bloody cheap. We also went to the end-of-the-(chinese-)year (Wei Ya) dinner of a relatives’ company, which was absolutely awesome.

There’s also nite markets, and some minor random sightseeings and (window or not) shoppings.

I’ll keep uploading new photos here.

one comment to “Tainan trip 2007”

2007/04/18 22:17:30

all those hot-pots are very well, but what about hot-spots? ;-)

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