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許瑋倫 Wei Lun 1978 – 2007
2007/02/11 17:44:58

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of Wei Lun. Though I have a few (software) picture of her. The first time I noticed her (being a piano freak myself) was when I heard she played the piano and the harp well.

And on the first day arriving Taiwan, the news has got my attention on her again, being she was seriously injured in a car crashed and was in a deep coma. After less than 2 days of emergency treatment, she passed away.

Being in Taiwan when this happened has made me feeling even more real and close to this incident, as if it’s something I should really be concerning about. Guess that’s the power of the news channel on TV, which was continuously showing updates of her status.

As a GWG lover, I guess this photo has become a collector’s item now…

Well, Wei Lun, R.I.P.

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