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LCA 2007 Day 5 – The last day, and the Penguin Dinner
2007/01/20 20:50:22

Kathy Sierra’s keynote was very refreshing. She outlined a different way of thinking with software development, or perhaps for any products development. It was very entertaining as well. The movie character matching was very very cool :)

The highlight talk for me for the day was probably Adam Kennedy’s Nothing can possibly go wrong. Couldn’t quite describe it, just wait and download its video if you weren’t there.

And then there was the closing ceremony of LCA 2007. Like most people I would have loved it if the space invader demo worked. Even if we could setup a camera and write a program to do the same thing, we certainly don’t have like 800 people to test it everyday.

We progressed to the Penguin Dinner shortly after. It was a big dinner, apparently there were about 65 tables. Food was great even after having a bad stomach after the Open Day beef pie. During the dinner there was the rusty wrench presentation, the big cheque handing over, and also the usual speaker-autographed auction. After the dinner we had a little final party upstairs at the same place. I spent only a little bit there.

Photos of the last day of LCA here.

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