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LCA 2007 Day 4 – Inkscape’s bling, weather art, and the ROCKING Open Day
2007/01/19 13:52:21

Andy Fitzsimon’s Single Source Design illustrated a lot of “bling” in graphics and web site design using Inkscape. It’s one of those talks that inspired you with all these mind-blowing new ways of doing things.

While Alexander Reeder presented his neat, practical and yet simple idea of his naked laptop weather display in the Open Source Art talk. He has reminded me of the broken laptop my ex-flatmate gave me, which has a rather flaky IDE bus as well. I should probably think of something cool to do with it.

In the afternoon we had the ROCKING Open Day at the pavilion. Though the venue is small (comparing to those big expo of course), there were heaps of interesting displays and demo. It might be things that we (Linux enthusiast) see everyday, but to the others it was a wonderful experience. It was very packed and apparently there were over a thousand people visited, including families and friends of people in the Linux community. Maybe this will become a trend of all LCAs in the future to have an awesome Open Day.

I ended up helping Endy a very little bit at his ScummVM demo stand. I showed and explained to a few kids the what and how of the game. Turns out there were a lot of young kids interested Sam ‘n Max and the Maniac Mansion Day of the Tentacles when they saw them. Many of them were willing to sit down and spend lots of time going though the game. Good games can really be good games of all time.

Photos of day 4 here.

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