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LCA 2007 Day 3 – Cool talks and professional drinking^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hnetworking session
2007/01/18 12:34:56

After the short Linus-on-stage and Tanenbaum’s awesome keynote, I went to Albatross UAV session by John and Hugo, Tridgell’s clustering tdb, followed by Raster’s E and pants, nouveau driver, Stewart’s data eating talk, and the X monitor hotplugging by Keith Packard.

The X talk reminds me of xdmx, which works but the version I tried last time still had the nasty Xrender bug (which is apparently fixed in the development version). Also I couldn’t get any GLX direct rendering to work, even for the local native screen which I thought it would work. Someone could show me some lights? (Is it supposed to work or not?)

In the evening we had the professional networking session at the Scientia. This is actually my first time at LCA as a professional. The atmosphere there was great. There were a lot more people there than I thought it would be. Took some nice photos there too.

Photos of the 3rd day here.

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