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LCA 2007 Day 2 – Jokosher and Gaming Miniconf
2007/01/17 10:49:40

There isn’t an Audio Miniconf this year like the one in LCA 2005. Still there are a couple of audio related talks like the Jokosher talk I went to in the GNOME Miniconf today.

Jono Bacon pinpointed that a few good elements that what and how a (sound editing) GUI would make sense and be intuitive. I have played with ardour a little bit myself and I have to agree what Jono has said about it. I guess it’s kind of like how I keep hearing people who got used to a 3D modeling app like AC3D and then go and try Blender. (I use and am used to Blender, though)

Well, spent most of the day at the Gaming Miniconf. Wesnoth, PS3 Linux, and so forth.

Also fulfilled my panorama obsession and half-heartedly took one at the round house while people waiting for the conference party. No I haven’t fixed every single glitches in the photo, that’s what the GIMP tutorial on Thursday is for :)

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