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RAAF airshow 2006
2006/11/14 20:31:08
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On 21st October I went to the first day of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) airshow at their base in Richmond, NSW. It was roughly a two-hour train trip from home (one way).

I got there sometime just before 11 I think. Weather wasn’t very good and quite windy from time to time, but it was very comfortable as I was definitely not sweating, a lot better than one of those 37 degree weekends (which was the week before). It was very crowded, with a lot of families with kids and everything.

So I was pretty much standing and walking around for over 6 hours, taking photos, watching flying demos and aircraft displays. It’s absolutely good fun if you love planes. For me maybe it was too much of a warbirds and fighters show, but still very enjoyable. There were aerobatics, formation flying, attacks demo, helicopter joy riding (which I didn’t do, it wasn’t free :P), also some R/C aircraft and gliders displays. F-111, Hornets, Hercules, Boeing 707, Vampire, Tiger moth, and many many more…

I took almost 300 photos in total, though most of them look pretty dark and dull due to the weather. And to satisfy my panorama need, I’ve taken a 360° panorama view at the base at the end of the day.

Note to self:

  • Need better camera for this kind of show, a DSLR with like a 30x optical zoom lens would be great :)
  • Hang around at the end of the day when almost everyone are leaving, perfect time for taking even more photos wherever and however you like, without the extra random people.

My RAAF airshow 2006 album is here.

Click for more RAAF airshow 2006 photos Click for more RAAF airshow 2006 photos Click for more RAAF airshow 2006 photos Click for more RAAF airshow 2006 photos Click for more RAAF airshow 2006 photos
On a side note, there was this very odd Linux “sighting” at the show. If someone could explain it a bit that would be great ;)

Should probably start planning for the next airshow soon…

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