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Multi-head FlightGear
2006/11/01 17:30:45
flightgear linux

Finally bought a cheap “new old” BenQ 19″ monitor for like 20 bucks (yes, its delivery cost was more than that), replacing my unlucky Philips 19″ which died in the rain (stormy day with an opened window basically), and so I’m back to my 3-monitor desktop setup.

And so one thing leads to another. I setup Xinerama for the 2 screens. I played with DMX across the 3 screens for a bit. It’s nice but for some reasons it’s not doing direct rendering for GLX, neither the local nor the non-local clients.

And then the most obvious and exciting thing to do is to run multi-head FlightGear. As my setup is 3-screen-on-2-machines, normally you’d simply run one FlightGear on each machine. However my 1-screen-machine is rather old and slow, and not much memory (Pentium 2 w/256MB ram). So I ended up running two instances of FlightGear on the 2-screen-machine (Pentium 4 w/1GB ram) and forwarding the display onto the other (by setting DISPLAY). Its startup time is a lot faster this way.

When I have the time I should play with Chromium as well…

The Golden Gate Bridge across 3 screens Flying over San Francisco

one comment to “Multi-head FlightGear”

2011/09/12 17:10:51

nice work. at which year you have done it.

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