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Two weekends, two weddings…
2006/10/05 19:37:05

It must be a good year. Two guys from work just had their weddings in two successive weekends.
There was Nick and Tiff’s wedding on 22nd and 23rd September, with the ceremony at the Mortuary Station, followed by the reception the next day in Katoomba. As I was one of the groom’s men, I worn a pretty fancy suit which makes me look like either a pianist (yay!) or a magician, so that was cool.

The Mortuary Station
The ceremony was pretty straight forward. Shortly after we went to the Sydney University for more photo shooting. Later in the evening we had dinner in New Town (I thought it was New Town, wasn’t it?) in some restaurant. The barramundi I had was very nice.

The next day, we got up rather early in the morning and headed up to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, where the reception took place at the Carrington Hotel in the evening. We got there around 11 something. And we decided to just look around, as we’d never been there before.

Panorama at Carrington Hotel
Inside the Carrington Hotel
At the entrance
After exploring the town a bit, we randomly chose a cafe for lunch. Kat had a pretty good toasted sandwich, and I had probably one of the best steak sandwich this year.

Near Katoomba train station
Yummy steak sandwich
Around 16:00, we all gathered again at the hotel and started getting dressed up and prepared for the night. Kat and I both enjoyed it a lot. Food was good, the dessert was even better. Music was loud, dance was wild. All good. :)

And then we had Brett and Kathleen’s wedding on 1st October. The ceremony was at the St. Michael’s church in Vaucluse in the afternoon. Nice place, nice view on a nice day.

St. Michael's church St. Michael's church
Shortly after the ceremony we headed to the Sheraton on the Park Hotel at Town Hall for the reception. It was still a bit early and Kat and I were both hungry, and so we grabbed some lunch at KFC (who would have thought?), before heading back to the hotel.

Brett asked me to help being the interpreter for various parts of the night, including translating some of the speeches to and from Mandarin. I still think I didn’t do the job good enough, partly because I was only told to do some of the translation on that night and on the fly. Especially the last one when I accidentally mixed in an English phrase my Mandarin ;) It was a good and rather entertaining experience though.

The reception
Once again, congratulations to both Nick+Tiff and Brett+Kathleen.

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