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lilo is dead
2006/09/18 09:02:01

This would be the occasion where I certainly prefer seeing my machine not booting.

Rob Levin, aka lilo, was hit by a car while riding on his bike. After being in the ICU in a coma for a few days, he passed away on the 16th September.

For those who don’t know, he is the founder and the head staff of freenode. Now what’s funny is I myself do not know this fact until today. I know lilo on freenode IRC, as we all do. I’ve talked to him a few times. He’s normally on some of the channels I join, such as, IIRC, #handhelds.org.

I know he’s a staff of freenode all along because he’s the “oper” on the IRC network, and he’s always the one who does all the announcement. He has also helped me once recovering a channel password. He’s friendly, helpful, polite, and patient. I guess this is how nice he is, but not someone who goes “do you know who I am?” :)

We have definitely lost a hard-working and precious person to freenode and the free software community.

Apparently he’s still online right now…

> /whois lilo
i=levin freenode/staff/pdpc.levin * :Rob Levin
#mythtv-users #handhelds.org
Whoops, I've stepped away. For URGENT freenode help (channel flooding, trolling users, network problems or access issues), please email my pager at 4iiygyvs<freenode.net . It's my job and I'm happy to respond. For ROUTINE issues, please see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#gettinghelp.... Please take a look at my personal blog when you get a chance: http://spinhome.org .... Thanks!
is identified to services
End of /WHOIS list.

> /msg nickserv info lilo
Nickname: lilo << ONLINE >>
Registered: 12 years 35 weeks 1 day (7h 17m 28s) ago
Last Seen Address: i=levin>freenode/staff/pdpc.levin
Last Seen Quit Msg: “bbiab”
Email Address: levin@freenode.net
URL: http://blogdun.us/
Nickname Options: NoExpire, AutoMask, UnFiltered, AllowMemos, MemoNotify, MemoSignon

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