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Air-to-air refueling in FlightGear
2006/08/21 17:23:49

During the weekend jpierru and shavlir on #flightgear did a bit more video shooting of FlightGear doing air-to-air refueling. shavlir flying on his KC135 and jpierru on his Boeing E3B Sentry (AWACS) and Harrier. I, as usual, was the cameraman.

We got quite a bit of jittering but we managed to get quite a few awesome videos. shavlir also did a pretty cool aerobatics at the end when we realized we’re not able to do a proper refueling with the Harrier due to some “technical reasons” :)


one comment to “Air-to-air refueling in FlightGear”

2006/08/21 20:01:47

actually I was flying the AWACS and shavlir was flying the tanker…
But nice job recording, the videos turned out great!

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