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Stashway – the foldable grand piano
2006/08/20 17:18:50

I did my usual every-now-and-then keyword “piano” search in my MythTV. And I found this Stashway foldable grand piano (more info and video) invention on the TV show New Inventors.

Basically it’s a normal digital stage piano, fitted into a specially designed portable foldable stand which looks like an ordinary grand piano. What’s funny (to me) also is its foldable legs design is somewhat similar to how my mini grand piano music box folds its legs. The folded piano part is light, and can fit into a car (wagon). It even has wheels for easy moving.

Stashway - the foldable grand piano   My mini grand piano music box

2 comments to “Stashway – the foldable grand piano”

Mark Finkin
2009/12/30 08:05:04

I am interested in purchasing a pair for a dueling set up. Please send me any pricing or info so I can pursue further. Thanks

John English "The Voice"
2010/07/26 13:02:29

Hi I’m a professional vocalist living in portland,oregon where i perform A Tribute to
Frank Sinatra.
I’ve seen the web site for the stashway piano
shell however there are no prices or how to order.Your help please.
John English
“The Voice”
A Tribute to Frank Sinatra

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