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Note: Latest and greatest BFM can be found at JNRowe's page. Not that I don't want to work on BFM anymore, but for the moment I just couldn't spare time on it. It's good to see there are so many people supporting BFM. And also a thank you for James Rowe to maintain and code for BFM now. I will still contribute to BFM in the future, cos IMHO it is the greatest and cutest monitor :)


Drawing a proper background now, plus updated a bit in the info tab.


Ported to gkrellm. Read the README =)
make will build bubblefishymon, make gkrellm will build gkrellm-bfm.so

Gkrellm updates up to 10 per second only, BFM runs slowly under gkrellm, but still nice =P


Added -t to draw the clock hands too. Yeah big deal :)

The original bubblemon and wmfishtime is here

The original original bubblemon for GNOME is here

And, ok, for those who don't know what this is. bubblemon is a system load application. Its little window will show a little duck swimming on the water. The water level represents the memory usage of the system, the number of bubbles in the water represents the cpu load. The color of water will turn darker when more swap spaces is being used. If you move your mouse over bubblemon, it will fade out into a system load graph, damn nice :)

And for wmfishtime, it's a analog clock application, with some cute fish swimming around. You can scare the fish away by moving the mouse over it. Also wmfishtime can check your e-mails by showing seaweeds in the water.

So, what I've done basically is to have those fish and seaweed in wmfishtime in bubblemon. Right now these are still kind of ugly hack. But for those who just want something funny to run, here you go :)

The very first nasty ugly quick hack.

Run as'bubblefishymon -n', fish swimming towards left represents incoming network traffic, fish swimming towards right represents outgoing network traffic. It works with linux only right now, and it checks for eth0 only, well, of course you can always hack the source...


bubblefishymon 0.3 StrongARM binary

With thanks to gurkan for creating the debian package, you can get bubblefishymon deb at www.linuks.mine.nu/i_debian/

Some more code tidying. Moved the entire network traffic code into sys_linux.c and so it should look a bit neater and comply with timecop's code (I hope I didn't introduce any bugs during the move :P). And, added a delay in network traffic sampling, in order to reduce the load of the mon itself (hopefully).

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